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From existential transformation into a human form, till birth up to death and a few years after death: these all areprogrammed, framed, institutionalized entirely as a prison of its way, and standardizing, manipulating in the game of nation-state systems, nationalism, and politics. In bold terms, the birth of a human from his first breath to the last breath: religion and the parents are forcefully and innocently poisoning him according to their cultures and doctrines. A single person does not recognize what the fresh minds want? But, everyone is implementing his thinking for his betterment and systemized free future: that is already confined, corrupted: they are still unknown. From a cosmo governance perspective, the first attempt at criminology took place in our homes, groups, and societies when any new baby expects: we suck his freedom of identity since he is in her mother’s womb. We finish his entire identity and settle him behind the walls of nationalism. The national, cultural, historical, and educational frameworks are applied to innocent existences to recognize the enemy and the nation. We are modifying and presenting consciously and unconsciously a discriminative and separatist environment for the new baby based on the previous timeline and rectifying it on their own to carve the children’s minds accordingly. I interpret it based on their governance, judiciary, and administrative practices. This politics is programmed entirely to deal with a prison world that contains governmental forms? Let me address some nation-states that claim constitutionally are democratic, secular, and fundamental states positively. USA, China, India, Myanmar, Russia, Pakistan, Etc. are live examples of political terrorism, religious supremacy, dominance, and subjugation. Their systems spot two broader unfair classes: that reached in states, homes, and marriages are the civilian class and the governmental class. The government class is dominant over the civil genre: the civil-ism is captivated. Since 1900, nation-states have fought about 300 wars. Millions of citizens have been killed: in this state system of politics and defense industrialization. Additionally, Dozens of wars, big and small, are being fought. The Governments have been established: in a separatist form but: Reshape their visuality fakely into republics, democratic, kingdoms, Etc. However, this is all the political nationalistic section-ism that violates identical universalism and the natural idealogy of cosmocracy addressed by the WTA cosmo government and world service authority. WTA -WORLD THROUGH ART | WTA CG- WTA COSMO GOVERNMENT | WTA NEWS | WORLDTHROUGHART.COM According to WTA research team 2021, One hundred fifty-plus governments are spending more than 1.5 trillion USD in a year: on their military for establishing defensive border sections and divisions that represent and construct nationalistic wars and hatred among the running ancestry. Let me analyze historically and interpret their roles and intentions based on their work and the changes they brought. Who are homeless proliferates and refugees? Who is the enemy? We are investing in weapons and border systems; why? Who is responsible for this sectional control that doubts your identity and existence through certain discourses and labels you a foreigner or charges you on the name of port and visas? Who are they: Who are we? Reunderstand the game and recognize how sections engage with each other, and the nationalistic governmental-ism is modifying the two classes into Civil-ism and Governmental-ism based on finance and currency politics: to control people. The current situations in Kashmir and Palestine are frightening, and it refers to Indian and Israeli governmental terrorism and labeled unity that contains the forms of nationalistic hatred. Why have People been forced to leave their homes: How the Indian administration in Kashmir is covering fake encounters and labeling them as anti-national and terrorists. They are maddening to reshape and modify: the criminalism into terrorism and polish it into its inter-separatism politics: based on institutionalized governmental and non-governmental forms as despotism. The daily publishing content and the daily headlines are coded in such a way to sway the reader. The Content programs of unfairness are highly nepotism and supported by the governments to frame civil-ism and identity accordingly. Since ancient times people have found solutions for world peace that is: based on nature and the cosmo system. From Socrates to Garry Davis: people have discussed the forms of governance that would bring, transform and establish world peace. Today we people are tweeting and posting digitally and getting immediate global viewership, But: in reality, it is a divided family of divided states labeled as United nations Analytically divided nations who promote this political sectism. We are witnessing the content collapse of world government, and world service authority practices are shut down: Indirectly by the collaborative powers of nation-states. Historically, The “3rd wave” of the nation-state system itself; replaced feudalism and despotism. The specific system supports those who are fellow heads of the state derive from decision-making machinery subjugative to handle the “proliferating complexity” of the industrial/electronic/ nuclear/space age. Through political practice, Asians are in a race to establish western feudalism. However, the cosmopolites or world-citizens oppose the political systems, rectifying cosmocratic fundamentals on a basic level as; the Eu and UN. A unitary and form-ism of governments specifically, in today’s 21th-century world are still away from the historical and ideological timeline of world peace, conceptual justice through a world government, and world citizenship. The Nation-state world does not even understand the minimal structure or systematizing of the cosmocratic forms. Let’s us re-See the nationalistic politicism and their wings how their fundamentalism becomes extremism and challenges the democratic and secular patterns by Systematizing hatred into education and implementing it as a curriculum to procedure the same. The states as India, Pakistan, Myanmar, China, Etc. are live examples of governmental terrorism and the discriminative section-ism that shapes their nationalistic politics. In simplest terms, the nation-state’s governing system has broken down. It doesn’t work anymore: deadly discriminative, contrasting, and psycho. Hereafter, it continues the violence, injustice, bankruptcy, and political insanity of “foreign policies” of the war option as a final “solution” to conflict resolution or political transformation. But most of us, out to sleep by the content of the problem dramatically and systematically exposed: overlook The Problem itself: the imperative need for fundamental global structural change and transformation toward world peace; i.e., the world public order, the world government, the world law, and the world family that is still not practicing on the domains of WSA and WTA. The civilians of nation-states are entirely displeased by the UN and other intergovernmental powers. The people look today at the United Nations and express emotions: glee, sadness, contempt, anger, others with disdain and disgust, and many with fears especially, fear of citizenship and indirectly industrialists formally government officials control the apparatuses of wars, particularly nuclear war and selling the threats to people with the participation of election commissions. We are witnessing Russian terrorism today and recognize how unsafe and threatful is for innocent people or civilians. But: the sectional civilians and factional nationalists are helpless to criticize the National System itself. These divided nations permit and authorize the capitalistic and unnatural in their constitutional doctrines. “At the outset of the nuclear age, Einstein reminded us that: “everything has changed except our ways of thinking.” At the same time, Emery Reves in Anatomy of Peace wrote that we think “nation-centrically” rather than “globally.” The “vanished world” of the nation-state, that surrogate institution that still dominates the exclusive domain of politics due only to our allegiance to it, must now be transcended by structuring a higher loyalty to humanity and our general world community itself. An even more startling revelation is that humanity itself: is already the “meta-system, or Actual global infrastructure – a species bound by immutable spiritual, cosmic, social, and biological laws. The “tool” for handling world complexity is the WORLD organization.” 1> Ref>UOV 0907 1987 We need to reach the possible public with the message of not just one moral and biological world but one Structured world that defines the cosmopolite’s duty and the realistic doctrine of the human family. As family members of the human family, it is our fundamental and foremost holy duty in terms of cosmocratic doctrine to maintain peace in the family and become a firewall in front of injustice. Recognizing the cosmocratic idealogy through nature would be challenging for all. The global population should understand the politics of cosmo without stealing the identity and peacefully functioning that is a natural and universal reference to us. We should imitate that and implement it in our live political ecosystem and environment. In conclusion, world peace is the business of those who stand to develop its structuring, re-establishing, and transformation. The one system could come only by the education, recognition, and manifesting of the cosmo government and world citizenship processed by WSA and WTA. Our relationship to the planet Earth is existential, identical, mystical, and spiritual: which is incredible. WTA program of the One home, one law, and one citizenship/ One world-ism, or none, should be the ultimatum goal in this terrible Nuclear Age. For further references, Visit: My work is to reach the people and decode the games of governmental-ism plus its interlinked terrorism. We collectively need to attempt to visible the universal right, an existential identity that is entirely framed: by political nationalism and the immigration system. After all, I am requesting the readers to rethink themselves. What differentiates the given and yours? Did you recognize that political systemization has prisoned all things and how it prisons our brains through the educational industries?

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Mohd Syeed, a visionary artist and global activist, epitomizes the spirit of global citizenship and artistic excellence. He holds a Master's degree in Political Science and a Diploma in Global Governance and Computer Sciences. He is also a graduate of Kala Bhavana, Visva Bharati University, where he received a gold medal at the 20th convocation. He has received over 300 certificates from various institutes worldwide, recognizing his achievements and contributions to the field of art. In 2019, he founded the World Through Art (WTA) initiative to promote cross-cultural understanding and collaboration through art. His art, characterized by its thematic depth and emotional resonance, explores the complexities of identity, belonging, and the impact of globalization on local cultures. In 'Earth is Our Home: We Are a Family,' Syeed's art inspires others to embrace diversity and work towards a brighter future for humanity and our planet.


From existential transformation into a human form, till birth up to death and a few years after death: these all areprogrammed, framed, institutionalized entirely as

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