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Breaking Borders: The World Passport Initiative Advocates Universal Freedom of Travel


WTA's AI | 31 Dec 2023 : 11:07 pm | AG

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Breaking Borders: The World Passport Initiative Advocates Universal Freedom of Travel

Empowering Global Citizens: The Mandate Behind the World Passport

In a groundbreaking move, the World Passport initiative is gaining momentum, fueled by the profound principles enshrined in Article 13(2) of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Sources confirm that this mandate asserts the right of every individual to leave any country, including their own, and to return to their homeland1.

Crafting a Symbol of Inclusivity: The World Passport Unveiled

A 30-page Machine Readable Travel Document (MRTD*) with a unique alphanumeric code line, a scanned-in passport photo, and innovative “ghost” security features is making waves on the global stage. Multiple languages, including English, French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, and Esperanto, adorn this document, truly reflecting its commitment to inclusivity2.

Design and Functionality: Features That Speak Volumes

The World Passport is not just a symbol; it is a meticulously designed document with a laminated data page bearing the distinctive World Citizen logo. The cover, in dignified blue with gold lettering, is more than an aesthetic choice — it embodies the essence of a globally recognized travel document2.

Transparent Recognition: Inviting Nation-States into the Fold

To ensure credibility and recognition, the World Passport encourages nation-states to validate its legitimacy through the “Documents/Visas” section3. Applications are streamlined through an online form or a printable version for those opting for traditional submission methods4.

Freedom Knows No Boundaries: The World Passport’s Core Philosophy

Challenging the prevailing norms where national passports symbolize control and exclusion, the World Passport stands as a powerful symbol of unity within the human community5. Unlike national passports that denote citizenship, it focuses solely on the bearer’s birthplace, making it a neutral, apolitical document of identity and a potential travel document5.

Global Acceptance: Over 60 Years of Trust

Sources confirm that the World Passport has a commendable track record, securing visas from more than 185 countries on a case-by-case basis since its inception6. This global acceptance solidifies its role as a tangible representation of the fundamental human right to travel freely.


In a world yearning for connectivity and unity, the World Passport emerges not just as a document but as a symbol of a shared planet where freedom knows no borders. It is a testament to the universal right to travel freely, with increasing global recognition.


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Mohd Syeed, a visionary artist and global activist, epitomizes the spirit of global citizenship and artistic excellence. He holds a Master's degree in Political Science and a Diploma in Global Governance and Computer Sciences. He is also a graduate of Kala Bhavana, Visva Bharati University, where he received a gold medal at the 20th convocation. He has received over 300 certificates from various institutes worldwide, recognizing his achievements and contributions to the field of art. In 2019, he founded the World Through Art (WTA) initiative to promote cross-cultural understanding and collaboration through art. His art, characterized by its thematic depth and emotional resonance, explores the complexities of identity, belonging, and the impact of globalization on local cultures. In 'Earth is Our Home: We Are a Family,' Syeed's art inspires others to embrace diversity and work towards a brighter future for humanity and our planet.


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