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Religious Coercion Shock in Karnataka: Hindu Woman Alleges Rape, Forced Conversion by Muslim Couple

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A terrible incident unfolded in Karnataka. A 28-year-old Hindu woman shared a distressing story. She revealed that some people coerced her into converting to Islam, which was frightening.
The woman explained that a man named Rafik threatened her. He blackmailed her with private pictures, saying he would expose them if she didn’t comply. Additionally, she stated that he physically harmed her and made her wear clothes she disliked.
The situation worsened when Rafik forced her to live with him and his wife. She described how they treated her poorly, making derogatory remarks about her caste. Moreover, they pressured her to change her religion, threatening harm if she refused.
The police promptly responded, filing a report against Rafik and six others. They are currently investigating the matter.
This story prompts reflection. Why do some individuals compel others to change their religion? Shouldn’t everyone have the freedom to choose their beliefs? How can we prevent people from coercing others into unwanted actions?
This case underscores the importance of respecting each other’s beliefs. Everyone should have the freedom to believe as they wish. We must actively support those who face unfair treatment and ensure that everyone feels secure in their right to faith as they choose, free from coercion or intimidation.

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