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Join the Global Art Movement: Showcase Your Talent & Win Prestigious Prizes!

World Art Day 2024: Submit Your Masterpiece and Win Big!


🌍 World Through Art (WTA) invites you to participate in the celebration of World Art Day 2024! This year, we’re offering FREE registration for students under 19 and PAID registration for 19+ artists and seniors. Three lucky participants will also win lifetime memberships to WTA! All participants will receive a certificate of participation by World Through Art.

🌟 Other Exciting Prizes Await You:

1st Prize:

  • Rs10,000 Cash Prize

  • Ist Featured Artist Spotlight on WTA

  • Certificate of Merit

  • Alison certificate or diploma course (based on your preference)

  • A surprising gift crafted and designed by a professional artist (drawing, painting, etc.)

  • A prestigious “Artistry Maestro” Certificate by WTA

2nd Place:

  • Rs 5000 Cash Prize

  • 2nd Featured Artist Spotlight on WTA

  • Certificate of Merit

  • Certificate or diploma-free courses from any organization or institute affiliated with WTA

  • A unique gift from a professional artist

  • A distinguished “Visionary Creator” Certificate by WTA

3rd Place:

  • Rs 1500 Cash Prize

  • Showcase in Exhibition Highlights

  • Certificate of Achievement

  • An exclusive “Innovative Explorer” Certificate by WTA

  • A mini gift from a professional artist

  📝 Judging Criteria:

  • Creativity and Originality: Showcase your unique and innovative artwork, drawing inspiration from art history, including movements like surrealism, conceptualism, and abstract expressionism.

  • Expression: Infuse your artwork with a powerful message or emotion to captivate the audience.

  • Technique: Demonstrate skill and mastery in your chosen medium to impress the judges.

       🎨 Action Plan and Framework for Virtual Celebration:

  • Virtual Art Exhibition: will display your works. The works will be Categorized by age group and medium.

  • Interactive Seminars: After completing the entire tasks of WAD 2024, we will Host virtual seminars with renowned artists and educators to discuss various aspects of art, including technique, inspiration, and the impact of art on society. You all will be invited.

  • Virtual Cultural Exhibits: We will cooperate with cultural organizations to create virtual exhibits showcasing art from different regions and cultures to support and serve you in all our possible perspectives.

  • Online Workshops: we Offer online workshops where participants can learn new techniques and skills from experienced artists. People can also enroll in different certificate and diploma courses online freely for shaping their careers and we are always to help and support you as family members. As WTA recognizes Earth is our home we are a family.

  • Social Media Campaign: you are invited to Launch a social media campaign to promote World Art Day and encourage participation. Use hashtags such as #WorldArtDay2024 #ArtistsUnite #CreativeRevolution to reach a wider audience.

  • Live Streaming: Host live streaming events on social media platforms where artists can showcase their work and interact with viewers in real-time. We are always in favor of you until you under the WSA, WTA, and other universal law structures.

  • Let’s make World Art Day 2024 a memorable and inspiring celebration of creativity and artistic expression! Let’s inspire the world and challenge the incorrect political and social units that are practiced. Let live, eat share, work as a family, and inspire others to join 🌟🎨🌍

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