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About us

One place where the sectional nations on the planet home can
gather together, discuss common problems
and find shared solutions.

There is no possibility of Nationalistic wars, Injustice, Discrimination, and Inequality. In Cosmos, there is a human home: planet earth, where the family gathers together, discuss common problems, Live and love each other, becomes the voice of each other, and belongs to the same human and existential chain.
The WTA-World through art is a global citizen’s independent organization and membership-based cooperation founded in 2019. Currently made up of 100s of Members, the WTA and its work are guided: by the purposes and principles contained in its founding Charter. But one thing has stayed the same: it remains the Cosmos where our home is located: in the Virgo Supercluster of galaxies known as planet Earth, where all the citizens can gather together, discuss common problems, Live and love each other, become the voice of each other and belonging to the same human and existential chain. that benefit all of humanity. WTA is looking forward to a peaceful world by helping each other join hands together to bring a better future for global citizens or cosmopolitans.

WTA independent organization and the membership-based corporation is an art of directing people talents and potentialities.
WTA’s focus is on basic needs and resources to end poverty. Its main aim is to build a welfare program. It is intervening for the betterment of humanity and equity that is Cosmo-family: the WTA cosmopolitan structure of human family based on logic and existential timeline. We provide ground for planning and action on the same platform. Our platform allows people to share their ideas, abilities, and resources and explore themselves. WTA motivates people for participating in socio-political programs and connect the human chain to recognize their own human family or cosmo-family. We highlight the causes of various problems affecting the community which hinder progress and development. WTA attempts to bring coordination between individuals, groups, and organizations: focus their point and challenge their ways of Political fulfilments. To develop a better understanding through education about identity issues and better thinking for the Civil-ist Governance as Cosmo Government:1Home 1Family 1Law 1Citizenship. To bring adjustment between the resources available and felt needs have people. To give a chance to every talented person to prove themselves and show their hidden talent and worth.

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WTA Emblem and Flag

The WTA’s symbol – who designed it? what does it mean?

WTA/WSA History

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WTA charter

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Educating about and implementing universal rights, world citizenship, and world law.
Creating the institutions of world law to help humans live together peacefully and sustainably with the Earth.
World Peace and Justice through World Citizenship and World Law
WTA Cosmo/Citizen Government (WCG), founded in 2019, promotes human rights, world citizenship, and world law
Wta CG conducts its day-to-day work through its administrative branch and follows only the World Service Authority (WSA), located in Washington, DC.
WTACG’s Documentation Department issues identification documents.
WTA CG’s Legal Department provides free legal advocacy to refugees and stateless persons
WTA CG has advanced global legal institutions by establishing a World Court of Human Rights
WTA CG supports grassroots participation through Youth-led World Citizen Clubs

WTA Cosmo Government Declaration


On the enchanting evening of May 27th, 2019, under the serene skies of Shantiniketan, Kolkata, Mohd Syeed, a brilliant mind adorned with the prestigious Kashmir University Gold Medal, scripted a chapter that transcended the conventional boundaries of citizenship and allegiance.

Amidst the whispers of wisdom from the rustling leaves and the echoes of Tagore's philosophies, Mohd Syeed, at the youthful age of 26, made a profound decision — a decision to liberate himself from the confines of exclusive citizenship to Kashmir and India. In a declaration that echoed across the tranquil landscapes, he proudly proclaimed himself a "citizen of the world."

With the audacity of a dreamer and the spirit of a global citizen, Mohd Syeed etched a message on the digital canvas of the world: "EARTH IS OUR HOME, WE ARE A FAMILY."

This audacious act wasn't merely a personal choice; it was a beacon lighting the path to a more inclusive and interconnected world. Mohd Syeed, with unwavering conviction, embraced a vision that soared above the nationalistic confines, emphasizing the shared identity of humanity that knows no borders.

On that historic day in Shantiniketan, where the air was thick with the essence of Tagore's teachings and the spirit of unity, Mohd Syeed's declaration resonated as a hymn of a new era. It symbolized a shift towards a world where individuals, like interconnected threads in the fabric of existence, acknowledge the common bond that unites them as citizens of the Earth.

In the wake of this bold declaration, the world witnessed the birth of a new narrative — a narrative that recognizes Earth as the shared abode of a global family, and citizenship as a celebration of our collective journey around the sun.

The Founder



Mohd Syeed
Date of BirthMarch 2, 1992
Place of BirthAnantnag, Jammu and Kashmir
Alma MaterVisva Bharati - University of Kashmir - IBMI
AwardsKashmir University Gold Medalist
51st Annual JK Academy of Art and Culture State Award
EducationMFA , MPS , BVA, DGG, DCS, DE
Master of Fine Arts - Master of Political Science - Bachelor of Visual Arts - Diploma in Global Governance - Diploma in Computer Sciences - Diploma in English - 300+ Certificates of Participation, Achievements, Merits from Different Recognized International and National Institutes
Occupation(s)Art Teacher - Artist - Peace and World Citizenship Activist Charctarzing: Describing: Cosmopolitan Artist
OrganizationWorld Through Art (WTA)
Marital StatusSingle
Zodiac SignPisces
Main InterestsVisual Arts - Writing - Philosophy - Strong Academic Achievements
Notable IdeasWorld peace is (Y)OUR Business.

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