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''Unleash Your Creativity: Join Us on World Art Day  2024!

About Author

About Author

Meet Mohd Syeed, a Kashmir University Gold Medalist and the founder of World Through Art (WTA). As a Cosmopolitan Artist, he holds an MFA and numerous diplomas, boasting 300+ certificates from international institutes. Passionate about art, education, and world citizenship, Syeed envisions a boundary-free world of creativity. Join him in celebrating World Art Day on

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🎨 Celebrate, Create, Connect! 🌍

15 Apr 2024, the world will come alive with colors, imagination, and the joy of artistic expression as we celebrate World Art Day. This global day initiated in 2012, WTA: World Through Art invites you to participate in a creative revolution that knows no bounds.

🌟 Why World Art Day?

Portraits of the legendary Leonardo da Vinci, an artistic pioneer and visionary. Celebrate World Art Day 2024 by drawing inspiration from the timeless creativity of this master. Join the global artistic movement at #LeonardoDaVinci #WorldArtDay2024 #ArtInspiration

Created by the International Association of Art, World Art Day is a celebration of the ability of art to inspire, unify, and transcend boundaries. It was decided upon unanimously by that organization. The renowned artist Leonardo da Vinci, who has come to represent diversity, liberty, and peace, was born on 15, April 1452

🖼️ Past Marvels, Future Wonders

World Art Day has developed into a worldwide celebration throughout the years! This day celebrates the wonders of art through open displays, Online Displays, and extended museum hours. It’s a blank canvas, though, ready for wonders of the future and the past. Creativity knows no bounds, as we have seen when it comes to the impact of art during difficult times such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

Become a Participant in the Movement Today!

How can you participate in this festival of the arts? ✨ Display Your Creative Works: Tell us about your masterpiece! Go to to present your skills. It’s your online showcase, where you may showcase your artistic abilities!

✨ Engage in dynamic discussions, interactive seminars, and virtual cultural exhibits at these events. ✨ Use WhatsApp and Telegram to connect with other artists and art lovers.

Explore the beauty of various artistic expressions. Get the Word Out: Share the news of World Art Day with your friends and family, regardless of whether you’re an experienced artist or enjoy drawing. Use the hashtag #WorldArtDay2024 #worldthroughart when posting about your creative endeavors on social media!

How to Take Part:

  • Go to
  • Look around the site and be inspired by the works of art created by artists internationally.
  • Sign up or Register to Attend the Show: 

To participate in World Art Day celebrations, submit your masterpiece before 5, April 2024


Encourage your friends and followers to join the celebration by posting or submitting your artwork on social media or WTA with the hashtags #WorldArtDay2024 and #worldthroughart.     

Connect Us via:  Whatsapp          Telegram 

Categories section showcasing diverse artistic expressions: Painting/Drawing, Digital Art, Photography, and Sculpture. Explore your creative avenues with each category at World Through Art. 🎨✨ #ArtCategories #WorldThroughArt #CreativeExpressions


Create on canvas/ paper or any medium to express your creativity through Painting/Drawing. Showcase your digital masterpieces by embracing the digital canvas in the Digital Art and AI art section. Capture the beauty of the world through your lens in the Photography category. Transform ordinary materials into extraordinary art through Sculpture.

Judgment criteria section highlighting Creativity and Originality, Expression, and Technique for the World Art Day competition. Understand the key elements assessed by our expert panel at World Through Art. 🎨🏆 #ArtJudgment #WorldArtDayCompetition #WorldThroughArt

Judging Criteria

Judging Criteria: Creativity and Originality: Showcase your unique and innovative artwork, drawing inspiration from art history, including movements like surrealism, conceptualism, and abstract expressionism. Expression: Infuse your artwork with a powerful message or emotion to captivate the audience. Technique: Demonstrate skill and mastery in your chosen medium to impress the judges. Our panel of five highly qualified and experienced judges in the fine arts field eagerly anticipates your submissions. Let your creativity shine!

Prizes section displaying the exciting rewards for World Through Art competition winners: Cash Prizes, Featured Artist Spotlight, Certificates, and Special Gifts. Explore the incentives awaiting talented artists at World Through Art. 🎨💰🏆 #ArtPrizes #WorldThroughArt #CreativeRewards

Exciting Prizes Await You:

Discover thrilling rewards that await you in our art competition: 1st Place: Rs10,000 Cash Prize Featured Artist Spotlight Certificate of Excellence Alison certificate or diploma course (based on your preference) A surprising gift crafted by a professional artist (drawing, painting, Etc. A prestigious "Artistry Maestro" Certificate by World Through Art (WTA) 2nd Place: Rs 5000 Cash Prize Global Recognition Certificate of Achievement Certificate or diploma-free courses from any organization or institute affiliated with WTA A unique gift from a professional artist A distinguished "Visionary Creator" Certificate by WTA 3rd Place: Rs 1500 Cash Prize Showcase in Exhibition Highlights Certificate of Merit Three certificates An exclusive "Innovative Explorer" Certificate by WTA Calling all Level 1 to Undergraduate Students: Enter for FREE and seize the opportunity to showcase your artistic brilliance!

Mark your calendars!

Don’t miss out on this extraordinary artistic celebration:

🗓️ Important Dates:

  • Registration Deadline: 14/Feb/2024
  • Artwork Submission Deadline: 10/Apr/2024
  • World Art Day: 15/Apr/2024
  • Winners Announcement: 16th or 17th April 2024

🌍 Let’s Celebrate Together!

World Art Day isn’t just a day; it’s a global movement celebrating the beauty and diversity of art. Join us at, be part of this artistic extravaganza, and let your creativity shine!

🎨 Participation Requirements:

To join the vibrant World Art Day celebrations, you need a passion or love for art and a desire to express yourself! Whether you’re a budding artist, a seasoned professional, or somewhere in between, everyone is welcome to unleash their creativity.

🌟 Age Categories:

  1. Students – Undergraduate (Under 19): If you’re pursuing your undergraduate, Middle, or secondary studies under 19, this category is designed just for you. Your youthful energy and fresh perspectives are valuable contributions to the artistic tapestry.
  2. Master Students and Professionals (Above 19 to 35): For those who have moved beyond undergraduate studies, this category celebrates the creativity of master students and professionals aged 19 to 35. Your experiences and expertise add depth to the artistic community.
  3. Senior Artists (35 and Above): Age is just a number, and we wholeheartedly welcome artists aged 35 and above to showcase their seasoned skills. Your rich artistic journey and wisdom are an inspiration to us all.

🌈 Why Participate?

  • Connect and Inspire: Join a global community of artists, connecting with like-minded individuals and drawing inspiration from diverse perspectives.
  • Showcase Your Talent: World Art Day is your platform to exhibit your artistic prowess to a worldwide audience.
  • Celebrate Creativity: Be part of a movement that celebrates the universal language of art and its power to unite and inspire.

There is no age limit; whether you’re 08 or 110+, there’s a category waiting for you. So, Pick your brushes, pencils, or digital tools, and let’s make World Art Day 2024 an unforgettable celebration of creativity! 🌟🎨

🎉 Why Should You Join?

  • 🌈 Inspiration: Dive into a world of inspiration where every stroke tells a unique story. Let your art inspire others!
  • 🤗 Connection: Art connects hearts globally. Join a community that values creativity and embraces diversity.
  • 🚀 Opportunity: This celebration is more than just fun; it’s an opportunity to showcase your talent, learn from others, and be part of a movement changing the world through art.

🌐 Art for a Better World

On World Art Day, remember that art heals, unites, and brings joy. It’s a universal language that speaks to the soul. Let’s make this day a splash of colors, a symphony of creativity, and a celebration of You.

Join us!

Exhibit your work and connect with world artists to collaborate. Let’s paint the world with the brush of imagination. Visit and let your creativity shine! 🌟🎨🌍

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