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Unlock Your Creativity: Free Diploma in Contemporary Architecture Awaits You!
About Author
About Author

| Unlock Your Creativity: Free Diploma in Contemporary Architecture Awaits You! | Published on 24 Jan 2024 | Free Diploma Course |

Mohd Syeed: Crafting Unity through Art and Wisdom

In the enchanting landscapes of Anantnag, Jammu and Kashmir, Mohd Syeed stands as a beacon of creativity and global harmony. His journey, adorned with an MFA from Kala Bhavan, Visva Bharati, and prestigious accolades, is a testament to art's power to transcend boundaries.

Beyond being an art teacher and peace activist leading World Through Art (WTA), Syeed's canvas breathes life into a vision of one world, one family. Every brushstroke echoes a universal language captured in #CosmoCreator, #Inspiration, and #GlobalHarmony. Born under Pisces, Syeed's journey embraces philosophy, writing, and over 300 certificates, embodying a symphony of connection and creativity.

Join Mohd Syeed's movement— WTA: WORLD THROUGH ART ( #MohdSyeed #CosmopolitanArtistry #WorldThroughArt. Let's collectively paint a world that celebrates diversity and unity! 🌍🎨

About Author

Are you ready to unlock the secrets of modern architecture and design?

Join 16,260 learners in our free online “Diploma in Contemporary Architecture and Design” course!

Reasons to Register?

  • Find Your Creative Ability Discover the development of contemporary architecture and design whether you’re an enthusiast, designer, or artist.
  • Flexible Learning: Acquire knowledge at your speed. Make time for the course without sacrificing other obligations in your calendar.
  • Professional Perspectives: Gain from NPTEL’s experience; more than 5 million students have previously experienced its benefits.
How to Enroll:
  1. Visit the WTA website.
  2. Click on the Menu or Home Button on the header.
  3.  Now click on WTA E-Institute or Explore Courses.
  4. Finally, Click the course you want to enrol in.
  5. The Alison page will be visible. Click “Enroll for Free” in the “Diploma in Contemporary Architecture and Design” section.
  6. Enroll below directly, Click on the Enrol in the Diploma in CA&D  Button 

 Start Your Creative Journey Now!

Come and join a global community by enrolling now. Let your imagination run free, gain knowledge from the greatest, and explore the practical domain of contemporary architecture. It is the free start of your artistic adventure!

World Art Day 2024: Submit Your Masterpiece and Win Big!

World Art Day

”Unleash Your Creativity: Join Us on World Art Day  2024!  Celebrate, Create, Connect!  15 Apr 2024, the world will come alive with colors, imagination, and the joy of artistic

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