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Dream, Create, Unite: WorldThroughArt’s Promise

WorldThroughArt's Cosmos: Explore our virtual shopping mall for art, education, and unity.

Dream, Create, Unite: WorldThroughArt’s Promise Enter the digital realm of, where I, Mohd Syeed, founder of the WTA: World through Art with over 200+ passionate members, our mission transcends mere boundaries—it ignites a flame of global cooperation and belonging. Together, we weave a tapestry of empowerment and connection, uniting diverse voices in a harmonious […]

Earth is Our Home, We Are a Family: Embracing Our Shared Humanity

Earth is Our Home: We Are a Family by Mohd Syeed

Earth is our Home, We are a Family: Embracing our shared Humanity I feel stupefied by the world’s vast complexities and sectional politics. Our Earth is a romantic location, with its deep seas, huge mountains, complex ecosystems, and diverse backgrounds. However, despite our shared unity, political identities and arbitrary borders continue to divide us. As […]